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62 Stylish South Asian Fashion Influencers to Follow

62 South Asian Style Influencers on What Their Culture Means to Them

As an Indian woman in fashion, I've been excited to discover a diverse group of talented South Asian influencers who inspire me to embrace our culture even more. I know what it feels like to be "othered" in the media industry, so my mission has always been to shed some light on both my culture and its rich history in both fashion and beauty. I want people to feel like they can see a bit of themselves in an industry that hasn't always celebrated people who look like us.

Ahead, I spoke with several style influencers on what their culture means to them and how it impacts their personal style.

"I am excited to be seen. To feel represented."

One such influencer, Bangladeshi content creator and Zeba founder and CEO Nabela Noor, says she's looking for more size inclusivity in fashion. "I am looking forward to more access for plus bodies in the future," she tells POPSUGAR. "It still makes no sense to me why we are living in 2022 and the average size of a woman in America is 16/18, yet most brands do not even carry those sizes."

"I am excited to be seen, to feel represented," she added. "I am excited at the prospect of being able to explore trends and feel stylish as a plus-size woman. It's about time and I am so glad the industry is ready to see and hear us."

Keep reading to discover 62 South Asian influencers who should be on your radar. Learn what being South Asian means to them and how they define their style ahead.

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