Lori Harvey Was Serving Up the Main Course at Dinner in This Mugler Dress

All due respect to the chef at Carbone in Miami, but Lori Harvey was serving up the main course on Tuesday night when she showed up for dinner in a sheer Mugler dress covered in perfectly-placed cut-outs. As the chilled oysters and creamy pasta graced the center of the table, Lori sat looking like $1,000 bucks ($1,131, to be precise) in the scoop-neck ensemble, covered in a wave-like star print that accentuated her curves and led our eyes straight to the massive cut-out on her back.

Letting the outfit speak for itself, Lori styled the look with long braids and a pair of strappy lace-up heels that drew our attention right back to that trippy star pattern. Her boyfriend Michael B. Jordan was nowhere to be seen in her IGS that night, but he did take a moment to comment on her OOTD post. "3rd slide swearing you 5'10 lmao," he wrote, pointing out the impressive height illusion Lori created with photographer Conrad Khalil's creative use of angles. This just goes to show that Lori could teach a Masterclass in style and posing for the camera. See her sheer evening look from all angles ahead.