TikTok Is Freaking Out Over These Adorable Halloween Bags at Marshalls

Oct. 31 may be the best day to show off our Halloween costumes, but Marshalls is giving us the ultimate excuse to dress up all season long. Ahead of the holiday, TikTok users spotted a new Halloween handbag collection in stores, and the bewitching designs have shoppers rushing to the accessories aisle. Whether you're planning to wear a DIY Halloween costume, a group costume, a couples' costume, or no costume at all, these handbags are sure to add an extra layer of spookiness to any ensemble.

Available only in stores, the collection includes multiple festive designs: a see-through ghost backpack, a square haunted house bag, a vampire fangs bag, a black pumpkin bag, a cat-shaped backpack, and multiple spiderweb purses in varying styles. Representing the softer side of the holiday, the accessory line also features an orange pumpkin bag with a zip-off top and a bag shaped like an oversize pumpkin spice latte, perfect for pairing with your favorite fall coat. The most popular piece of all, though, appears to be the glittery ghost bag with the chain-link, cross-body strap. In addition to its adorable expression and miniature ghost arms, the bag's chrome color palette makes it the perfect piece to pair with a party dress or jeans and a horror movie T-shirt.

Some Halloween shoppers have already gotten their hands on the coveted collection, and the overall rating appears to be a 10/10. "I hit the absolute JACKPOT on the Halloween purses today," TikTok user kristinliebig captioned footage of a Marshalls's purse display. In the comments section, another TikTok user joked, "Just us spooky women [keeping] inflation at an all-time high because we can't help ourselves." In fact, many fans of the holiday have already wiped shelves clean of the adorable bags. If the Halloween aisle at your local Marshalls looks eerily empty, however, the store's partner locations — including TJ Maxx and HomeGoods — may also carry the handbag collection.

Ahead, take a closer look at the entire Halloween bag lineup, and see more fun Halloween products to shop this season here.

Marshalls's Halloween Handbag Collection