Thank You, Insecure: Molly's Chain-Link Bra Top Is Now on My Holiday Mood Board

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A big thank you to Insecure's costume designer, Shiona Turini, for inadvertently supplying some excellent holiday outfit inspiration via the show's latest looks. In case you haven't been watching (and, in that case, what are you waiting for?!), here's a spoiler you may have already seen coming: Molly (Yvonne Orji) wears a very good outfit in episode two. It's largely thanks to that chain-link halter top, but the whole thing is pretty perfect, if you're into statement-making dressing that's chic and still kind of chill.

Molly breezes into Issa's big event, showing her support, dressed in a look that makes a mark — the kind you'd notice at any party for all the right reasons. It's sexy, and chic, and not all that hard to pull together. So, we followed the inspiration and went shopping, pulling the key pieces to get on Molly's level, if only for a night.


The outfit: That chainlink bra top is all the drama you need; complete with wide-leg trousers, a chic bag, and gold hoops.