Natalia Dyer Shares Her Style Essentials and What She's Keeping From the "Stranger Things" Set

Natalia Dyer is such a New Yorker. A self-professed "city girl," when the topic of camping comes up, she jokes about going to Central Park. (Though she wasn't always that way, having grown up in Nashville.) I ask her about spring trends, and she replies by asking what they even are this year, which just feels very cool and blasé. We go on a tangent about New York University, where we both attended. And yet, here we find ourselves chatting on the roof of a hotel on the west side of Los Angeles. It's March 23 and in the 60s. Vibrational crystal readings are happening by the pool.

Dyer is here to celebrate Longchamp's spring 2023 collection. The actor and "Stranger Things" star started working more closely with the brand in recent years since sitting front row at the spring 2019 runway show. Dyer said she's always been "aware" of Longchamp, and references the famous Le Pliage tote, but she's now fallen for more of its offerings. For this specific event, Dyer is wearing a monochromatic outfit consisting of an orange blazer jacket, a ribbed knit sweater, and trousers, with matching flats, a pink Box-Trot handbag, and oversize sunglasses.

The modern outfit is of course a deviation from what she wears as Nancy Wheeler on "Stranger Things," which takes place in the 1980s. For four seasons now, Dyer has worn a cavalcade of corduroy, argyle, mohair, and medium-wash denim. "A lot of it's fun," Dyer says, and then clarifies, "A lot of it's just the time." That'll soon be over, however, as production begins on the show's fifth and final season.

Dyer reflected on her "Stranger Things" wardrobe, and shared her real-life outfit essentials, in an interview with POPSUGAR. She also picked a favorite red carpet look of the many she's worn over the years. (The dress appeared in her dreams.) Read about it below.

POPSUGAR: What drew you to working with Longchamp? How do you feel the brand aligns with your personal style?
Natalia Dyer: I've always been aware of Longchamp and their famous tote. I went to my first show with them in the pre-pandemic years of the world, and I just really loved the brand, the ethos, the clothes — loved the boots I was wearing. It was like I was discovering the side of this brand. Since then, I just love everything they've done. They do timeless, classic, and well-made chic, and that's what catches my eye. It felt like a very natural friendship. I'm a fan of what they do, and how they do it.

PS: The collection that we're celebrating today has a lot of color. Are you a bright dresser in your everyday life, or are you more of an all-black-everything person?
ND: It's funny — it really changes so much. I don't know if that's an actor thing or not, but I usually dress for how I'm feeling, or how I want to feel, or even sometimes for the season, or for the city. It changes so much. A good half of my wardrobe is super neutral, and then I have this other half that's like bright colors and crazy textures.

PS: The new accessories are a big focus of the evening. You've worn the Box-Trot bag on a few occasions. What do you appreciate about that handbag in particular?
ND: It's classic. It's durable, timeless, well-constructed. It goes with everything. I love these new colors. This pink one that I'm wearing tonight is so fun. It's taking something that has incredible bones, and making it fun and modern and cool. It's a staple, honestly. It goes with everything.

PS: Which spring trends are you excited to incorporate with your wardrobe?
ND: I think colors — more colors naturally come out when it starts getting warm. What's trending now?

PS: Rosettes and floral appliqués are a big thing. Vintage shopping, honestly.
ND: I was going to say, I think that's kind of where things are going, honestly. I really do try to shop vintage and repurpose things. Even going in the back of my closet and being like, "This feels vintage. I forgot about this." That's what's great about what Longchamp does well: it's something you can have forever, that's going to be with you. That's the same thing that we find with vintage. Any good vintage, you feel like it's made different. It wears differently.

PS: You've had so many good red carpet looks. Which one made you feel most yourself?
ND: The one for me that always sticks out was for the SAG Awards — this Dior astrological dress. I had it in a fitting once, and then it wasn't right for that thing, but I had a dream about it, and I was like, "Tell me it's still there." And I got to wear it. It's hard to beat that one.

PS: Have you ever "borrowed" anything from the "Stranger Things" costume department?
ND: You know what? No. But Nancy has a pair of jeans that they made to a T, just measured everything. Eventually I got one of the pairs of them. I wouldn't take, but I did ask. I mean, jeans — they're so hard!

PS: Are there any '80s trends you've worn on the show that you probably would not wear in real life?
ND: There's definitely some knits going on — look, I get it — but definitely certain color combinations that don't work for me. Definitely some shoes. I'm a sneakers person most of the time. I can't function with too many heeled boots in my life. But a lot of it's fun. A lot of it's just the time. I think the things that we like, stuck.

PS: Which of your "Stranger Things" costars would you say has the best personal style?
ND: It's hard, isn't it? Everybody is very fashionable. Wow. I do feel like David Harbour. Also, every time I see Brett Gelman, I'm always like, "You look so cool. What is that?" I do feel like everybody — all of the team, the kids — are very stylish in their own way, so it would be hard to pick one person.

PS: What would you say are your top three wardrobe staples?
ND: Recently, it's been definitely sneakers of some kind. I've been wearing a lot of Dickies pants. They're so comfortable, and they go with everything. And a good blazer, or a good button-down, something that can be both up and down.

PS: Brad Goreski is your stylist. What is that dynamic like?
ND: I put a lot of trust in him. I think always on trend. I think he's always thinking ahead. I started working with him pretty early on in my introduction to the fashion world. He's definitely guided me through a lot of things. He has good taste. He knows what looks good. He's lovely. I think he's very talented. He's made it very easy.

PS: The theme of tonight's event is glamping. Are you outdoorsy at all? Do you have any camping memories or anything like that? Any camping experience?
ND: Limited. I'm from the South, so I've spent my fair share of time outdoors. It makes me think a lot of summer camp. I went to summer camp every single year when I was growing up. I camped at a bluegrass festival a couple of years ago, which was a lovely time. I don't camp as much as I think I should. I keep wanting to get out there.

It's funny, living in New York, you can get really wrapped in everything, but as soon as I'm back home in Nashville, I'm like, "Oh my God." I didn't realize how much I missed just being in grass and trees. So, you don't realize. You can get wrapped up and forget that, that's an essential part of just being a human.