Nobody Believes This Target Blazer Is Only $35 (but Seriously, It's True!)

KM Blazer
POPSUGAR Photography | Kelsey Mulvey
POPSUGAR Photography | Kelsey Mulvey
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Fall has arrived, which means it's officially time to trade in those flouncy sundresses and tan-grazing, off-the-shoulder tops for some layers. But while most people opt for a cute leather jacket or plush shacket, I'm partial to blazers. I know, I know, blazers don't have the best reputation, sartorially speaking. Sure, they might look good on HRC, but wearing them outside of the boardroom can give you some serious Working Girl vibes — and not necessarily in a hip or modern way.

However, when you find the right blazer, it can seriously elevate your outfit, striking that perfect balance between casual and undeniably chic. Fortunately, I found a little bit of fashion perfection in this A New Day Women's Plaid Blazer ($35).

The first thing that struck me about this layer was its enduring versatility. Don't be fooled by the typical blazer's reputation: thanks to its baggier silhouette, this one has a life outside of the cubicle. (Translation? I can wear it with everything, from my fave skinny jeans and turtleneck tee to a silky midi or baggy denim and a '90s-inspired crop top.) Plus, the sweet plaid print is subtle enough to go with solids and busier patterns alike. (Oh, and did I mention this blazer has pockets? Like, big pockets that you can actually put stuff in?! I know, wow.)

KM blazer 2
POPSUGAR Photography | Kelsey Mulvey

But, what really sold me on A New Day's blazer was the quality. This layer might be made with a mix of polyester, rayon, and spandex, but I swear it feels like a fancy-schmancy wool. (Read: it is super soft and will keep me warm this fall without making me break into a sweat.) Finished with a simple cuff, a set of patch pockets, and the single-button closure, this blazer makes me feel like a million bucks — even though I bought it for only $35. In fact, I recently wore this blazer out with friends, and everyone was mind-blown that I bought it at Target for under $50. (My inner circle's shock and delight made this already-affordable pick an even better deal.)

The one thing you should know about this blazer before you add it to your cart — which, trust me, you definitely should — is its fit. Despite having a boxier silhouette, this blazer runs pretty true to size. So if you really want to double down on those oversize vibes, I'd recommend sizing up. (For example, I'm a solid medium, but have the perfect boxy fit with the large.) But, let's be honest: when a blazer is this effortlessly chic (and cheap!), you really can't go wrong.