Zoom In on Every Wild Detail of Nicki Minaj's Pregnancy-Reveal Bra — Barbie Heads and All

Nicki Minaj truly went all out for her pregnancy reveal, and we love her for it. The rapper announced that she's expecting her first child on Monday by sharing a series of whimsical photos that show off her growing baby bump. In the first and third snaps she posted on Instagram, Nicki sports a custom bra that's so detailed and dazzling, it belongs in a museum display. We touched base with the woman who created the piece, designer Lacey Dalimonte, for all the details about the inspiration behind the look, how she pulled it together under a tight deadline, and the unconventional items she incorporated into the design.

Stylist Aquiles Carmona commissioned Lacey to make the brassiere, indicating that the theme for Nicki's photo shoot was a colorful mix of Candy Land, baby dolls, and all things Harajuku. Lacey had just two days to whip it up before the shoot, but cracking under pressure just wasn't in the cards for her. "I've always worked best under pressure, so given this opportunity, I knew I had to create something special that would stand out for her big moment," she told POPSUGAR.

"While designing the bra, I envisioned it to look like a page from an I Spy book."

As for what the bra is made of, it's quite the playful, on-theme mix: there are flowers made of Smarties and gumballs, pieces of wrapped candy, baby trinkets, dripping chains, blue and pink baby bottle tops, Barbie heads, thousands of Swarovski crystals, and even pieces of Lacey's own childhood jewelry to "really make it special." "I love working with unusual materials and creating my own textiles using things that traditionally aren't for clothes," she said. "While designing the bra, I envisioned it to look like a page from an I Spy book in hopes that every time you look at it, you'd see something you didn't notice before." How cool is that?!

Ahead, take an up-close look at Nicki's glamorous pregnancy-reveal bra to see just how freakin' detailed it really is. Can you spot the hidden Barbie heads?