I Always Get Compliments on This $60 Denim Jumpsuit

POPSUGAR Photography | Marisa Petrarca
POPSUGAR Photography | Marisa Petrarca
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Ask any of my closest friends or family members, and they'll tell you that my favorite wardrobe essential is a jumpsuit. I'm obsessed; I love how the silhouette makes me look put-together, even if I skipped my first alarm and am off to a late start. (Guilty.) As I write this, I'm wearing Old Navy's Long-Sleeve Medium-Wash Utility Jean Jumpsuit ($60), a piece I recently found while scouring the retailer's new-arrivals section — and now I can't help but shout about it to the masses.

It's perfect, from the medium-wash color to the flattering fit. What surprises me most is that it looks and feels like something high-end. This silhouette features an elasticized waistband that subtly cinches at the waist and a bunch of built-in pockets to give it that utility look. Do a quick Google search for similar styles, and you'll find that most designs like this cost well over $100 (and I'm willing to wager they may not be as comfortable).

POPSUGAR Photography | Marisa Petrarca

I'm not alone in my love of this denim jumpsuit; other Old Navy shoppers also love it. "This jumpsuit is absolutely darling, even cuter in person," one person wrote. Another said, "It's comfortable, true to size with a slight give, and the material is high quality."

I'm slightly biased because I'm a big fan of jumpsuits as a whole, but denim ones, in particular, are perfect for spring, especially when it's too cold for a T-shirt and too warm for a sweater. I look forward to teaming it with sneakers for a low-key look or white boots for days when I want to dress it up — maybe to go shopping or to brunch with friends.

Now that I know how good Old Navy's jumpsuits are, you can best bet that I'll be adding another to my cart. I have my eye on the Long-Sleeve Cropped Jean Utility Jumpsuit ($60) next.