FYI, This Old Navy Jacket Is a Dupe For the Super Puff — and a Fraction of the Price!

POPSUGAR Photography | Lauren Harano
POPSUGAR Photography | Lauren Harano
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It happens to the best of us: you refuse to believe that colder days are coming, so you put off buying warm clothes until the very last minute — or maybe that's just me. Every year, I wait until the chill in the air gets just cold enough before I force myself to buy new clothes for the season. Purchasing warm clothes almost feels like I've given into the colder weather, which, of course, I have. While I have a couple of classic staples (think old sweaters and a pair of Timberlands), I often need to refresh my wardrobe when winter rolls around because last year's clothes never seem to hold up.

Yet again in need of sweaters, boots, jackets, and winter accessories, I started my annual online search to see how I could upgrade my closet without devastating my credit card. As someone with a newfound love for Old Navy, I took to the site to see if it had winter clothes, and lo and behold, it had all that and so much more. The Old Navy Water-Resistant Frost Free Short Puffer ($80) instantly caught my eye because 1. I was cold, 2. I desperately wanted to be warm, and 3. It was on sale! With five different colors to choose from and a variety of sizes, my new favorite jacket was just clicks away.

The first thing I noticed when I got my jacket was how lightweight it was. As someone who tends to overdo it with layering, this puffer is ideal for pairing with seasonal ensembles. It can easily be warmed up with a scarf when colder days set in, or it can double as that perfect fall-to-winter jacket when it's chilly but not yet freezing. With a price tag that's much lower than other puffers, this Old Navy piece is all I need to get me through this winter as well as winters to come. Shop it now, and give your wardrobe the winterized refresh it deserves.