Wait, Did Olivia Rodrigo Just Convince Us That Crocheted Sweaters Are Punk Rock?

Like biting into a lemon dripping with nostalgia, Olivia Rodrigo's debut album Sour woke us up to the heartbreak of our pasts, and keeping with the nostalgic theme, her latest summer outfit is taking us on a trip right back to 2003. Posing for the cover of Variety, Olivia wore a cropped Moschino cardigan in a crocheted pattern and a matching mini skirt that doesn't hold back on the vibrant pops of color.

Styled by Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo, Olivia gave the soft fabric a punk rock upgrade by pairing the look with black Marc Jacobs boots, chunky earrings, and a thick black choker adorned with a heart pendant. Her hair, styled by Clayton Hawkins, was also done up in a pair of messy space buns that gave us a little bit of the Spice Girls and a lot of '90s style inspiration. Get a better look at Olivia's full outfit on the cover of Variety here.

Heather Hazzan for Variety