Women Are Demanding Clothing in Bigger Sizes on Instagram — and It's Working

Instagram | curvily

Blogger Sarah Chiwaya, the face behind Curvily, doesn't only promote body diversity on a daily basis, she also started a movement on Instagram. Encouraging women to upload photos of clothing they love but want to see in bigger sizes, Chiwaya started to regularly hashtag #PlusSizePlease in April of 2014.

Since that time, 1,200 photos have been 'grammed using #PlusSizePlease, begging retailers like Zara, H&M, and River Island to create their designs in a wider range of sizes. The very first piece Sarah fell in love with was a caged midi skirt from Tibi that didn't quite fit.

"I was at Saks for a fashion event, and I saw a perforated leather midi skirt from Tibi that was calling my name but did not come in my size. I still loved the look of it and snapped a pic for Instagram. When a follower asked if it came in plus, I responded 'Sadly, no :( #plussizeplease," she explained to BuzzFeed.

The rest, as they say, is history. Read on to see plenty of times women have employed the hashtag to appeal to their favorite brands, hoping the labels listen up and fulfill as many requests as they can. Seems like a missed opportunity if they don't, huh? Whether shopping in stores or online, Chiwaya insists, "PlusSizePlease works best when you use it and use it often."

Instagram | curvily

Sarah gave rise to the viral hashtag #PlusSizePlease, captioning her photo, "Have you used the #plussizeplease hashtag lately? Tag anything you would buy if if came in plus sizes, and be sure to @ the retailer so they know the demand is there! #psblogger #fatshion"

Instagram | curvily

The first time Sarah used the hashtag #PlusSizePlease on whim, she wrote: "This #leatherperforated skirt from #tibi is AMAZING. #saks"

Instagram | curvily

Sarah explained how to jump on the bandwagon and use the hashtag #PlusSizePlease: "For example, I want @hm to make these perfect sequin shorts in #plussizeplease - I have so many outfits in my head for them! I'd buy them today if they were in my size. #psblogger"

Instagram | curvily

"Here's how to use #plussizeplease: Hey @hm, I would buy this animal print sweatshirt TODAY if if came in plus sizes (this isn't just a demonstration either, I totally want this top). #plussizeplease"

Instagram | curvycartel

"#makeinmysize #plussizeplease #riverisland #thisiseverything #idgetonearmintoit #onaskinnyday"

Instagram | stickysweetdanish

"I fell in love with this longline shirt from @selected_femme at Bestseller's Press Event today. Unfortunately it doesn't come in plus-size, but I told them that we want stuff like this from @junaroseglobal, too! It also had a matching longline blazer and suit pants #pressday #pressevent #bestseller #selectedfemme #feelselected #shirt #stripes #fashion #plussizeplease #blogger"

Instagram | curvily

"Ugghh @zara_worldwide, just expand into #plussizeplease. I would buy this dress immediately if it came in plus. What designers do you want in plus? Tag them with their @ name and #plussizeplease to let them know that they could be making more money!"

Instagram | curvily

"Hey @zara_worldwide stop ignoring the majority of the U.S. market and make things in #plussizeplease. I'd buy this dress (and so many other things) if your clothes came in my size. I know I'm not alone."

Instagram | livylou92

"In love! @asos #plussizeplease"

Instagram | shapely_chic_sheri

"Loving this Bar III maxi dress from @macys #plussizeplease"

Instagram | curvily

"This #structured #croptop from @trinaturk is absolutely perfect, and I am dying for this print! It would be mine for $198 today if it was in my size. #plussizeplease #trinaturk"

Instagram | viviennui

"I wish there was an attractive way to translate this design to a plus sized shape. I'd wear it. #plusplease #modcloth"

Instagram | saltwater.woman

"Just ordered these shorts at H&M. I doubt they will fit. Biggest size is 46 (US 16, UK 18). I wear 46 normally but recently I've been feeling like size 46 is shrinking at H&M. I want to see the size 46 ass that fits into some of those trousers. #plussizeplease #hm #shorts"

Instagram | curvily

"#botanicalprint twill shorts from #JCP, $25. #plussizeplease"

Instagram | lindseytabor

"#plussizeplease at #loft"