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Ross's Best Outfits on Friends

11 Outfits From Friends That Prove Ross Is the Fashion Guy You Didn't See Coming

Ross's Best Outfits on Friends
Image Source: Everett Collection

I'm just going to come out and say it: Ross Geller is a total fashion guy. Like many, I can't stop, won't stop rewatching Friends, and Ross, played by David Schwimmer, has emerged as an unlikely style standout. While Chandler's affinity for sweater vests and backward baseball hats screams quintessential dad style, Ross is a lot more adventurous with his wardrobe choices.

Ross's fashion blunders only make me love him more. Think about it: he not only wears a pair of leather pants on a first date — and makes us subsequently laugh hysterically while trying to get them back on in the bathroom — but he also unknowingly wears a trend-forward printed women's sweater with confidence and conviction. While looking back at pictures from the show, I've also noticed Ross doesn't shy away from bold colors and trends. When he's not showing off a piece from his vast sweater collection, he's oftentimes seen in sleek fashion-y pieces like turtlenecks, leather jackets, and suede outerwear. Keep reading to see some of my favorite style moments Ross has to offer throughout the seasons.

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