The Birthstone Earrings I Plan to Give All My Friends and Family

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If you're looking for a 10/10 Mother's Day gift or birthday present — or a "just because" trinket — I've found the one you should consider. I recently acquired Rowan's birthstone-earring collection, and with May being my birthday month, it was perfect timing. The jewelry collection includes a birthstone for all 12 months of the year in four different styles: a Mini Birthstone Stud Earring ($19), a Birthstone Hoop Earring ($58), a Birthstone Stud Earring ($19), and a Birthstone Bar Earring ($21). I, of course, tested all four, and if you or the person you're buying for has multiple ear piercings, this set makes a great stack.

What I Like About Rowan's Birthstone Earrings

The first thing that comes to mind is quality. While I don't have sensitive ears, I haven't worn a stack of earrings in quite some time, and Rowan's birthstone collection went into my earring holes without a problem. The earrings are hypoallergenic and nickel free, meaning there's minimal risk of an allergic reaction. My personal favorite (and the one I wear most) from the birthstone collection is the bar earring. I sleep, exercise, shower, and do practically everything with it in, and it hasn't lost its shine or bothered my ears one bit. That's how I know it's good quality.

It's also important to note how damn pretty these earrings are. The stone is nice and shiny, and the earrings come available in both sterling silver and 14k-gold options. I went with gold, but to each their own. I mix and match my birthstone earrings with gold hoops and find that they pair well with almost anything.

POPSUGAR Photography | Haley Lyndes

The Cons of Rowan's Birthstone Earrings

While it's not really a con, it's important to note that Rowan's studs are sold individually and not as a pair. They're fun to mix and match, but it's easy to order one thinking it's a full set. Just keep an eye out as you order, and you should be fine.

Would I Recommend Rowan's Birthstone Earrings?

Yes, the whole collection is top-notch. Seriously, I love mine. The type of earring — stud, mini stud, hoop, or bar — is totally up to you. I will say that the studs and bar pair easiest with other jewelry pieces, but that's just what I've personally done. While I love this collection for myself, it would make an awesome gift for friends and family. (And trust me, I would not be buying them for others if I didn't like them myself.) I highly recommend that you pick up a pair — they're very worth it.