These Ever-Sold-Out Track Pants Are Back in Stock, and You're Gonna Have to Pry Me Out of Them

POPSUGAR Photography | Natasha Marsh

I had the honor of doing grad school in London. Although it was the time of my life, my daily pints, pastries, foam coffees, and happy hours added 30 pounds to my tiny frame. After graduating, I moved to New York City and recommitted my life to fitness. Since then, I've been introduced to reformer Pilates and hot yoga. I've found a new passion for hiking and hour-long HIIT classes. But probably my favorite part of this journey is how styled I look while getting healthy.

The amount of sports bras, yoga pants, and accessories I've acquired in three short years is actually shocking. I wouldn't be surprised if I was Lululemon's, Girlfriend Collective's, and Outdoor Voices' number one customer. Something about that old adage "when you look good, you feel good."

My most recent discovery of New Balance's collaboration with LA-based cult brand Staud has been my latest obsession. I love the entire vibrant collection, but there's one item that steals the show for me. I was casually flipping through sale emails on my break from work a few weeks ago and was about to delete Staud's email — and then I saw them. There, on my tiny six-inch iPhone, were the most amazing track pants I'd ever seen — emerald green with a bright blue accent. I actually gasped. The model exuded confidence in them. They sat so perfectly on her hips, and the bagginess of the pants was bound to hide any potential lockdown weight.

As a new online shopper, I'm usually very cautious, but all caution went out the window with these. In fact, it took me all of 60 seconds to read the fabric details (all polyester, by the way) and click "select size."

But unfortunately, they sold out the same day they were released, forcing me to add my name to a long list of wannabe owners, anxiously awaiting their "back in stock" email. Long story short, the pants arrived two weeks ago and have been my main source of happiness in a pandemic climate. They come in two colorways: emerald green and navy. They're available in sizes XS-L, and I'm happy to report they are true to size (I'm in a medium, if that helps).

The track pants sit perfectly on my waist, unlike other claimed high-waisted novelties. The polyester material moves with you as you work out or run errands, making it extremely breathable while on. And the stylish color combo makes it easy to dress up or down.

Even in a pandemic, where people are masked and avoid contact, I get complimented on these every time I wear them. The pants just can't help themselves. For more info on how to style and where to buy, read on. And if your size is sold out, don't worry — the wait list is quick!

POPSUGAR Photography | Natasha Marsh

Typically, I start the morning with a brisk walk. I'll pair my track pants with a Nike bra and Keds.

POPSUGAR Photography | Natasha Marsh

When I want to be a lil' extra, I pop on a heel. Here my track pants are paired with Nasty Gal heels, Missoma jewelry, a Burberry handbag, and my favorite white tee by Handvaerk.

POPSUGAR Photography | Natasha Marsh

One more for good measure.