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Target Wild Fable Clothes to Shop For Fall 2022

Switching Up Your Style Vibe This Semester? Start With These Foundational Wardrobe Pieces

One of the best things about a new school year is all the possibilities. It's a fresh start, a chance to be whomever you want to be. No matter who that is, it all starts with how you present yourself.

Whether you're experimenting with a brand-new look or simply unleashing your self-expression, Target and the Wild Fable brand have the foundational pieces you need to start anew. From statement jeans to colorful layering pieces, these are the must-have wardrobe building blocks to help you launch your new style vibe.


Cool Denim

It doesn't matter what type of wardrobe you're building — it's not complete without a pair or five of denim. Jeans, shorts, or skirts can all help to visually anchor your outfit and provide a base layer upon which you can build. If creating an outfit was like making a sandwich, think of denim as the bread. Sometimes, the end result calls for something plain to take a backseat to spicier additions, while other times, the denim is the statement.

With both classic staples like straight-leg jeans and cutoff shorts to support more dramatic tops as well as bolder options featuring patches and prints to steal the spotlight, Wild Fable helps you cater to any style appetite.


Saturated Separates

Colors can speak volumes, and the saturated shades dominating the style space right now are saying, "Let's have fun." Vibrant hues like grass green, electric violet, cobalt, and tangerine all mark a tone of optimism and inject some playfulness into your everyday. Besides, if there were ever a time to experiment with color, regardless of current trends, it would be a new school year.

The best way to tap into color at the moment is splashed across simple silhouettes (think: tank or T-shirt dresses, biker shorts, cropped tees and tanks) in solid blocks. You can wear color head to toe for the biggest possible impact or mixed in with neutral pieces for a slightly more subdued take. Either way, use color to match your energy, convey your mood, and fully own it. It's up to you to decide what you want your outfit to say.


Patterned Pieces

A little pattern play can help jazz up those denim pieces and complement your colorful ones. Patterns add dimension to a look and draw the eye — a feat that often can't be achieved with just color alone. Plaids and florals remain a classic — invigorated this season with saturated shades — but don't overlook interesting geometric shapes or unique prints inspired by hand drawings.

It's a no-brainer to rock these patterns with denim or neutral pieces, but for a little more strategy to your dressing technique, try pulling out one color from the pattern and bringing it into your look via a second piece for a tonal or near-monochromatic effect. And remember, the more color, the bigger the impact!