How to Turn Any Purse Into a Backpack, Because TikTok Hasn't Already Taught Us Enough

It's true what you've heard (or perhaps seen): you can turn any of your bags with longer straps into a backpack. While TikTok has already taught us how to button oversize jeans to achieve the perfect deconstructed look and crop any sweatshirt so that it's taut and actually stays up, the TikTok Gods have bestowed us with one more trick, and everybody's doing it. If your purse, however small its pouch may be, came equipped with a longer crossbody strap, all you have to do is hang it on your neck in front of you, twist it, and throw it back over your shoulders.

Alternatively, as TikTok user Michelle Liman shows us above, you can make the transformation happen even more seamlessly if your particular bag has two straps: a top handle and a crossbody that you can unclip. Watch as Michelle weaves her second strap through the top handle of the bag and creates two additional loops on either side of the center handle — voilà! It's an instant backpack. Something tells us as time goes on, TikTok fashionistas will dream up a whole handful of ways to reconfigure their bags, depending on the design details and whatever shape they're in the mood to sport. Ahead, decide which short tutorial works best for your bag, and rework your satchels to your liking.