Shop the Under-$35 Fruit Pajamas Going Viral on TikTok

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From flattering Abercrombie jeans to the tomato-girl aesthetic, TikTok has brought countless fashion trends to the forefront. The platform's latest obsession? Fruit pajamas. Both cute and cozy, stylish loungewear is exactly what we're looking for as temperatures drop.

While fruit-themed sleepwear in general is all over the app, the current crowd-favorite is a pastel yellow button-down and matching bottoms decorated with various fruits like strawberries, pears, papayas, and cherries. A similar set featuring a white background and berry imagery has also made its rounds on TikTok.

Though several brands on Amazon are selling versions of the viral fruit pajamas, TikTokers have already discovered some of the best. Recent buyers of the popular sleepwear have noted its silky texture and "perfectly oversized" fit. They're also made of a combination of polyester and spandex, creating a stretchy, breathable fit that reviewers say doesn't feel restrictive. One TikTok user described her short sleeve and shorts ensemble as "so freaking cute and comfortable." And unlike some of its name-brand counterparts, the Amazon fruit pajamas are affordable with prices ranging from $20 to $34.

There's nothing like a matching pajama set to make you feel more put together, and as an added bonus, these trendy favorites are eye-catching and comfortable. If you're ready to upgrade your minimalist sleepwear options, or you just can't resist a fun print, join the cool girlies on TikTok and snag your own pair of fruit-themed pajamas. Ahead, we rounded up the best ones TikTokers have been raving about.

Shop the Viral Fruit Pajamas From Amazon

Shop the Viral Fruit Pajamas From Amazon

Seyurigaoka Women 2 Piece Floral Pajamas Set ($34)

Consisting of an oversize, long-sleeve top and shorts, this adorable pajama set is described as "smooth and skin-friendly," as well as "stretchy and soft." One reviewer said they're "the perfect [oversize] comfy pajamas."

Thopavenoir Women Casual 2 Piece Pajama Outfit ($27)

TikTok user @danielleajeto raved about this set, which consists of a more casual t-shirt and matching shorts. "My biggest thing with waistbands is that when they're too tight I can't handle it, but these fit nice," she explained. "I am 1 million percent obsessed."

Creaion Y2K Two Piece PJ Lounge Set ($20)

TikToker @alyssasheil bought this long-sleeve top and shorts pair in two different patterns because she loved the design so much. The long-sleeve top has a relaxed, loose silhouette, while the shorts look to be more fitted. The "fabric is more of a stretchy satiny feeling," one reviewer on Amazon noted.

Yuemengxuan Women Fruit Printing Pajamas Lounge Set ($27)

This fruit-themed sleepwear from Yuemengxuan includes a long-sleeve button-down and wide-legged pants. TikTok creator @curvesbyzo_ offered a closer look at the PJ set's soft, satiny material.

TikTokers Show Off the Viral Fruit Pajamas