TikTokers Found a Way to Make $45 PVC Louis Vuitton Bags, and We're All on Board

TikTok users are as crafty as they get, and the latest DIY trend taking over the social media app is creating your own Louis Vuitton bag. (Yes, you read that right!) The new trend shows users taking their LV shopping bags and turning them into full-fledged handbags with a little help from a kit. Designer Kellie Ford was one of the first to try the project, and so far, her TikTok tutorial has garnered almost 10 million views on Twitter!

Step one is getting all your supplies situated: that includes one Louis Vuitton shopping bag, a pair of scissors, and a tote kit from Totery, which costs around $45. Then, you cut off the shopping bag's handles and place the shopping bag inside the kit's plastic shell. Figure out where you want your handles to be placed, then poke corresponding screws through the bag from the inside. You then attach the bag handles into place by putting the screws through the holes and capping them off with the rounded caps provided in the kit. Attach the bag handles into place by putting the screw through their holes and twisting the rounded caps on. Repeat the steps to secure the second handle, and there you have it! A brand-new Louis Vuitton bag without breaking your bank account. Keep reading to watch the viral TikTok ahead and give it a try yourself.

Totery DIY kit