Tinx on Why Flower Crowns Should Be Canceled and Her Coachella-Weekend Must Haves

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Festival season is upon us, and H&M is getting us excited to dress for the occasion with its new Hôtel Hennes campaign filled with spring and summer must haves. We were especially excited when we discovered that Christina Najjar, known as TikTok star Tinx, stars in the campaign video as a (very cool and stylish) hotel receptionist with all the hot gossip. In honor of the big release, Tinx is headed to Coachella to host a brunch with a group of her closest friends at Hôtel Hennes. We got to chat with the star on what she's packing and looking forward to ahead of her big weekend in the desert.

"It's honestly so nice to be able to get together with a brand that I love and just celebrate the start of Coachella. We've been away for two years, and I'm just really lucky to do this with H&M. I've worn them since I think it was like, 11," Tinx tells us. She has been a fan of the brand for ages, which is why this partnership makes perfect sense.

"I was talking to my mom this morning, and she was reminding me that when I was growing up in London, H&M opened up on our High Street, which is like the main street of your neighborhood. And she said, 'Yeah, you used to drag me there. Don't you remember? You would always drag me there and begged me to buy you clothes.' So it's just really cool to come full circle. And obviously I'm so excited for Coachella and going to be looking good thanks to H&M," Tinx says.

Want to hear Tinx dish on her Coachella essentials and the festival trends she's loving? Keep reading to get all the details she gave us.

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Tinx on Being in H&M's Hôtel Hennes Campaign

"Honestly, I have such a creative crush on Bardia [Zeinali]. I think he's amazing. He's such a visionary, and getting to work with him was so incredible. Obviously, going to Spain and just being in a new place and just taking on a character that's so different from me was so fun, and the whole thing is truly an honor."

What Tinx Is Packing For Coachella Weekend

"Sunglasses, for sure. Sunscreen because we're safe, and really comfortable sneakers. Because like, you know what? I'm a little older this year. I'm not going in any fancy shoes. I want sneakers or comfortable boots."

On the Festival Trends Tinx Loves and Hates

"I have to say I love, like, the fancy eye makeup, the 'Euphoria' eye makeup. I think it's fun and so festive. It's like an easy way for everybody to feel excited and get in the spirit. The one trend I hate, the one I hope that does not come back is I don't have any time for flower crowns. Keep those in the past. We don't need them anymore. I'm not Lana Del Rey. No one else is either. Only the queen can pull those off, only Ms. Del Rey. So yeah, I would say flower crowns can stay firmly in the memory box."

What Tinx Puts in Her Bag For a Day at Coachella

What Tinx Puts in Her Bag For a Day at Coachella

"Definitely some sort of wireless charger because you know how the phone thing goes there. It's always a factor. Lip balm — I feel naked without lip balm. So lots of lip balm, lip liner. MAC Whirl ($18) or Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk ($34). Then sometimes I'll do like a spritz, like those little mini Evian spritzes ($16 for two) because it's so good, and a disposable camera to take picture with my friends."