I Found the Perfect Maxi Dress — and It's on Sale at Universal Standard

POPSUGAR Photography | Indira Diaz
POPSUGAR Photography | Indira Diaz
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It's getting hot in here, so put your sundress on. With the summer in full gear and temperatures rising more than ever, I've been slipping from one dress to the next. The easy-to-throw-on style has me out the door in minutes, and I must admit: my summer roster of maxi dresses wouldn't be complete without Universal Standard's Manhattan Maxi Dress ($64, originally $98).

I knew this style belonged in my closet when I started reading all the great reviews online. One Universal Standard customer said, "Wildly simple. For any occasion. Throw it over your head and you're out the door. MORE COLORS, PLEASE," and I couldn't agree more. My tactic this summer has been to invest in quality staple pieces that I can easily layer. Ahead, you'll see that I opted to style this dress for a casual day look with my comfy sneakers and my favorite silk blouse. Check out my complete review ahead.

What I Like About This Maxi Dress

Talk about a versatile piece! What really sold me on this maxi dress was the endless styling opportunities. You can seamlessly transition your outfit from day to night if you accessorize strategically. And if you don't have a large budget to upgrade your summer wardrobe, this dress will come to the rescue. I was able to snatch this dress during Universal Standard's sample sale. You'll find everything from essential tops to fan-favorite jeans for up to 75 percent off.

POPSUGAR Photography | Indira Diaz

What's Worth Noting About This Maxi Dress

Truthfully, the fabric is like nothing I've ever felt before. It's soft and stretchy without losing its shape. This specific style drapes perfectly on my body and makes me feel like I'm wearing the dress instead of the dress wearing me. Additionally, I can assure you that the maxi dress is true to size but can be considered a tad bit too long if you're wearing flats or measure under 5'7". I'm 5'8" and found myself picking the dress up at times to avoid having it touch the floor, but it's nothing a tailor can't fix.

Who Is This Maxi Dress Best For?

I would definitely recommend this maxi dress especially if you're looking to upgrade your summer wardrobe with quality pieces. Not only is the dress so versatile, but the affordable price point is a major plus if you're on a budget to look your best this summer (like myself). The breathable fabric also made it comfortable to wear even in New York's brutal weather, and it felt so light on my body. I suggest you run over to Universal Standard's sample sale online and snag yours before they are gone!

Additional Details

  • The fabric is 94 percent Modal and 6 percent Elastane.
  • This dress is machine-washable; just make sure to use the cold setting.
  • The product comes in sizes 00-40.
  • Rating: ★★★★★