Victoria Beckham Might as Well Be Hailey Bieber in Her Cutoffs and Drew House Slippers

We literally had to do a double take when we scrolled past Victoria Beckham's working-from-home Instagram. Wait, was that Hailey Bieber? I mean, we all know Hails has been lounging in similar essentials, including her Drew House slippers, oversize hoodies, denim shorts, etc. Beckham, who sat upon her kitchen bar stool showing off her Drew House Mascot House Slippers (which usually retail for $38 but are sold out at the moment), could have fit right in with the gang.

We love seeing the designer and mom of four in more laidback attire, especially since she's usually pretty dressed up for public outings. That said, Victoria pulls out her jean shorts in the summer months when the weather warms up, and it just so happens to be bikini season. That's right folks, some things never change. Of course, now we're completely aware that VB is not Hailey Bieber at all but just another member of the Drew House squad, and her house slippers were probably courtesy of Mr. Bieber himself.