Latinx Style Musa Jessica Torres Is a Ray of Sunshine on Our Instagram Feeds

When Jessica Torres went to school for journalism, she had a dream in mind. "I wanted to be the fat Latina Carrie Bradshaw," she told POPSUGAR. Feeling unseen, unheard, and untalked to by mainstream fashion media, she decided to create her own platform and let her passion for fashion run free.

"I went into a lot of rooms that had thin white bodies creating content for thin white bodies, and I no longer wanted in," she said. "I decided it would be best to create a space for people like me." She started her own Instagram @thisisjessicatorres, Youtube video channel and podcast @fatgirlsclubpodcast, determined to make an impact and be the representation she needed to see when she was younger. "I received messages from people of different sizes and ages saying how game-changing it was for them to see a fat unapologetic Latina from the Bronx infiltrate an industry that was white, thin, and rich," she said. "As long as there is a fat little girl feeling like an outsider, I will be doing this."

We can't get enough of her retro-inspired, colorful, fun looks and her tongue-in-cheek captions. Keep scrolling to get to know everything about this unadulterated influencer, from the telenovela villains she found style inspiration in to her favorite brands, and how long it really takes her to get out of the house looking this fabulous.

--Originally published on July 28, 2021

Telenovela Inspiration

Whenever people asked her about her style inspirations, she never knew what to say until recently, when she realized she dresses like the women she admired when she was a little girl: women in telenovelas. "It wasn't until I channeled my inner Soraya Montenegro in this look that I realized I have been dying to be the villain in a telenovela."

Latinx Representando

Although she's doing her part, she wishes there was more Latinx representation in the social media fashion space. "I would love to see people's culture in their clothes and makeup."

Most Special Item in Her Closet Right Now

Surprisingly as it may sound, she says she's not attached to her clothes. "As a plus-size woman, I have been taught to make the best of what I got since our options were so limited. However, I really love this red cowboy hat my girlfriend gave me as a birthday gift. Anyone else gets some Gaviota vibes?"

Most Repeated Look

If you follow her, you've probably seen her wearing this chain belt over and over. "I have been searching for a belt like this for years, and I finally got a plus-size option. I was about to steal some bike brakes and spray-paint them gold to make it work. Thanks, ASOS."

Her Favorite Brands Right Now

She loves discovering new brands and experimenting, but if she had to pick one, the first brand that comes to her mind is ASOS. "The brand knows what is stylish and does the best at giving it to fat women like me." But she also has a place in her heart for indie brands, like Wray: "They have the coolest chill vibes for virtually every size. I always feel like a rich widow in a resort looking for my next husband while wearing their clothes."

Her Fashion BFF

She recently discovered a new brand that is making all her teenage fashion dreams come true: Ungra8tful. "This is my BFF clothing brand. It's what I wanted to wear when I was younger but couldn't afford or ever find in my size."

Favorite Pregame Soundtrack

"I am an 89-year-old woman trapped inside a young body. I don't like going out, LOL," she said. But if she does, just like with her style, she loves to mix the new with the old. "When I need to go out, I play some Bad Bunny or some old classic salsa. Whatever makes me want to shake my booty."

How Long Does it Take to Look Like This?

Getting out of the house looking like this can't be easy — it used to take her two hours! — but she's getting better at it. "The older I get, the less I care, and now I can be out in 15 minutes and feel proud of how I look. It never really is about the makeup or clothes. It's always about how you truly feel about yourself."