Jewelry Will Always Be So Much More Than Just an Accessory to Me

It wasn't until my early 20s that I started appreciating the way jewelry can heighten the appeal or appearance of an outfit. While I love the way a pair of jeans can hug my curves or a cinched top can accentuate my waistline, jewelry has become the accessory that truly makes my overall look. And I think a big reason for this is because each of my jewelry pieces holds a special story. It's a little fragment of history, a little fragment of me. It showcases my personality better than any clothing item ever could.

I've been gifted jewelry for my life's milestones, as tokens of love and heirlooms of the past, and even to symbolize the bond between family and friends. I carry and wear these small treasures not just because they match an outfit, but because they hold a purpose. They remind me of not only where I've been but where I'm going. All of my necklaces, bracelets, rings, toe rings, you name it, are a harbor to some of my most cherished memories.

Want to get to know someone better? Take a closer look at their jewelry. Chances are, you'll learn a lot more besides their favorite color, if they favor gold over silver, or their relationship status. Birthstones and initials can symbolize children. Stones and crystals can illustrate someone who is striving for balance and calmness in their life. Engraved Bible verses or crosses note the importance of faith to the wearer. These are small but mighty glimpses into someone's life and what makes them, them.

As a writer, there's nothing I love more than a jewelry piece that tells a story, let alone my own! I can be found sporting rings on at least six of my fingers at any given moment, which may sound like a lot, but I could never dare walking out of the house without them. Each ring brings its own character and flare to my overall look, and without them, my outfit is incomplete. At its essence, I feel naked without them.

Jewelry is about sharing an intimate part of ourselves, and no outfit of mine will ever be complete without a touch of my own story.

Half of my rings share a relation to my mom. We have identical silver rings that are encrusted rhinestones in the centers that glitter in the sunlight. We got these on our first mother-daughter trip after my parents' divorce. Since life at home was a little hectic, we met up during my spring break. This is really where my love for rings blossomed, when we went jewelry shopping. I got two during this trip, both of which I still wear today, four years later.

My newest addition occupies my middle finger on my right hand. Previously on that finger, I wore a ring with my birthstone (topaz), and I loved it. After it got damaged, I knew its replacement had to also celebrate that stone. When my college graduation rolled around and I caught a glimpse of a tent selling class rings, one of which could have your birthstone cemented in the center, I was sold. Instead of having my full name or "Class of 2019" engraved on the ring, I chose something I could use as an inspiration, a saying I know I would always need to hear and remember. Inside the band is the line "Never stop writing," engraved as an ode to all the hard work that got me to my degree and all the work I would need to put in to get to where I wanted in my career. Any time I'm doubting myself on a project or work opportunity, I look down at my little reminder to never stop writing.

I may not own baroque or ritzy pieces, but for me, memories are priceless. There's a sense of confidence I feel when I add these pieces to an outfit. From matching rings with my mom to earrings handmade in Italy, from my college class ring to dainty bracelets I've picked up while traveling overseas, my pieces aren't only extremely unique, they're also so me. Jewelry is about sharing an intimate part of ourselves, and no outfit of mine will ever be complete without a touch of my own story.