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A Zultanite Engagement Ring Changes Colors Before Your Eyes

I See Your Diamond Engagement Ring and Raise You This Rare, Color-Changing Stone

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When I dreamed up my engagement ring, sending my now-fiancรฉ hundreds of inspiration photos on Instagram, I completely skipped over Zultanite, a rare color-changing stone found in the Anatolian Mountains of Turkey. Hello, Sarah, what is wrong with you!? How could you have missed this unbelievably majestic gem? The beauty of this particular transparent gemstone, which comes from the diaspore family, is that it has no known enhancements or treatments and yet, depending on the light, its hue changes from a yellowish olive to rose and then cognac.

You want to know about the value of a beaut like this? I thought so, because I did too. It's only expected to increase over time, since it's hard to find Zultanite in large, three- to five-carat sizes. That said, the suggested retail price for a three-carat stone starts at $2K, and that's before you add any fancy-shmancy touches onto a band when you make this baby the focal point of your engagement ring. Of course, you can also search for a wide range of Zultanite jewelry designs โ€” it looks quite gorgeous on a necklace, too. Ahead, I rounded up some unique designs and also found some shopping options.

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