Trade in 5 Minutes of Instagram Scrolling For These Quick YouTube Workouts

Even on my laziest days, it's hard to find an excuse for why I can't press play on a five-minute YouTube workout video — trust me, I've tried.

After a quick internal debate, I usually fold and trade five minutes of Instagram scrolling for a YouTube workout.

Once I'm warmed up, I often find the energy to surpass my five-minute commitment — it's the best way to trick yourself into staying on track with your fitness goals.

Give it a shot with the following five-minute YouTube workouts — you'll thank me later.

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5-Minute Squat Workout For a Tight Booty With POPSUGAR Fitness

Follow along with NASM-certified personal trainers Triana Cristobal and Sarah Rector and ACE-certified personal trainer Anna Renderer as they burn through this efficient squat circuit from ModelFIT.

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5-Minute Flat Abs Workout With SugarySixpack

Two sets of heel taps, tap backs, and swimmers are all it takes to complete ACE-certified personal trainer Nikki Klasnic's short ab routine.

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5-Minute Arms-and-Abs Workout With Christine Bullock

Certified Pilates trainer Christine Bullock uses reverse plank tricep drips, tiger pounces, side plank knee pulls, dolphin presses, and drawbridges to optimize this short arms-and-abs circuit.

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5-Minute Inner-and-Outer Thigh Workout With Love Sweat Fitness

Tone and tighten hard-to-target leg muscles all from your yoga mat, thanks to NCCPT-certified Katie Dunlop's quick thigh workout.

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5-Minute Full-Body Workout With Sydney Cummings

NASM-certified personal trainer Sydney Cummings utilizes 10 full-body exercises — 30 seconds per move — throughout this no-rest routine. From mountain climbers to lunges to push-ups, you're sure to break a sweat in just five minutes.

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