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How to Cope With Holiday Depression

The Holidays Aren't Always Happy — How to Handle Depression This Time of Year

How to Cope With Holiday Depression
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The holiday season is supposed to be the happiest time of the year: cheery Christmas music playing everywhere you go, festive decorations on every block, holiday parties, traditions, and lots of tasty treats. But for some people, the holidays can trigger an onslaught of depressive symptoms.

Whether you struggle with depression year-round or just get blue this time of year, there are some ways you can combat these negative feelings. We spoke to mental health experts, who detailed the 11 best ways to combat holiday depression. If your mood continues to get worse or you experience any of these symptoms of depression for more than two weeks, it might be time to visit a doctor or mental health specialist, such as a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, or licensed therapist.

If you are depressed and need help finding help or resources, call the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (1-240-485-1001) or the National Alliance on Mental Illness (1-800-950-6264).

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