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How Many Calories Are in Pumpkin Pie?

Is Pumpkin Pie Really That Bad For You?

There's nothing sweeter than reaching the end of the meal with room for a little dessert, especially when it's a slice of the Fall and Winter favorite, pumpkin pie. However, using grandma's recipe (or buying it from the store) can leave your healthy eating plans all out of whack. So what's the real deal with this holiday classic?

On average a slice of pumpkin pie rings in at 316 calories. If you think about that in terms of working out, we're talking about a 32-minute run. But before you write it off completely, pumpkin pie is the healthier choice when compared to its partner apple pie, which has 411 calories per slice. Still, you may want to practice moderation if you're planning on enjoying some delicious pumpkin-y goodness.

So where do the calories in pumpkin pie come from? Yes, the actual pumpkin in the dish is quite healthy, but the butter and flour in the crust as well as the cream and sugar needed for the filling add a good dose of saturated fat and calories. But a healthy pumpkin pie is possible! Preparing a nut-based crust and swapping out the cream means you can create a vegan pumpkin pie that will still manage to get everyone's mouths watering. Don't be afraid to indulge a little during the holidays — just remember to eat smartly!

Image Source: Jenny Sugar
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