Ever Wonder How Blake Lively Trains and Eats in a Week? Here's Your Answer

Blake Lively shared in an Instagram post that she lost all 61 pounds of baby weight she gained from her second pregnancy, and she joked that it took more than "scrolling through instragram and wondering why you don't look like all the bikini models." She continued by thanking celebrity trainer and owner of Drive 495 in New York City, Don Saladino, for kicking her ass into shape over a 14-month period. With the Met Gala approaching quickly, here's how Lively is staying in shape and preparing for the big day.

Her Workouts

Every workout with Saladino begins with activation mobility, foam rolling, and a dynamic warmup. Saladino shared in an interview with Well + Good that she trains five to six times a week, with a day of total rest to let her body recharge. For upper body, Saladino gives her 3-4 exercises targeting her shoulders and arms that will be repeated for 3-4 rounds, completing 8-10 reps. She finishes with a quick burst of cardio or 20-30 minutes on the elliptical, treadmill, or Stairmaster.

To tone and strengthen her lower body, Lively does 3-4 exercises, like the kettlebell deadlift, lateral lunges, and split squats for 3-4 rounds, completing 8-10 reps, finishing with cardio. Lively hits the pool on day three, focusing on interval workouts like treading water and long-distance swimming. When traveling, she'll go outdoors and do bodyweight exercises. She'll begin with 3-5 dynamic mobility exercises like single-leg glute bridges. Next is strengthening exercises like walking lunges, push-ups and planks. On her active recovery day, the only instruction Lively has is to move, whether it be a walk with her children and husband or a bike ride.

Her Diet

Saladino advises all his clients consume protein, healthy fats, and vegetables one hour before working out "because low carbs help with brain function." Paying attention to the quality of food consumed was one of the biggest things Lively did, with Saladino sharing that he doesn't believe in caloric deficits or going low carb. "Every meal has to be a protein, carb, and veggie," says Saladino adding that Lively tries to avoid processed and junk foods.

As you can see, there are no gimmicks or fads in Lively's routine. Just minimally processed foods and hard work!