These CrossFitters Had a Deadlift Contest at Their Wedding, and the Photos Are Epic

I can 99.9 percent guarantee you've never witnessed a wedding quite like Ericka and Caleb Sommer's. The CrossFit-loving Colorado couple, who wed in 2019, incorporated their passions for food and fitness into every moment of their wedding day, from hosting a weightlifting contest on the dance floor to throwing back shots of pre-workout supplement on the altar. Iconic doesn't even begin to sum it up, and thanks to our friends at Be Inspired, we got the inside scoop on their one-of-a-kind nuptials.

"We wanted the ceremony to reflect our personalities: hungry, outgoing, and a little bit crazy."

Fittingly enough, Ericka first met Caleb when she visited his Denver gym, Project Rise Fitness, which they now run together. When it came time to tie the knot, they knew they didn't want to have just any ol' wedding. "We wanted the ceremony to reflect our personalities — hungry, outgoing, and a little bit crazy — so our officiant fed me fried chicken and then we did shots of pre-workout with our guests," the bride told POPSUGAR via email. "He knew I'd be hungry if we stood too long in our 20-minute ceremony, so he brought me a snack." Umm, are "officiant goals" a thing? Because theirs sounds like the real MVP. Oh, and those pre-workout shots were mixed with vodka and also enjoyed by guests during the ceremony, in case you were wondering. I told you this wedding was iconic!

"No one remembers you slow dancing to an Ed Sheeran song. People remember you deadlifting in your wedding dress."

The real highlight, though, was their "first dance," a three-part performance Ericka and Caleb choreographed themselves just three weeks before the big day. The first portion was a mini dodgeball game between the bride and groom, chosen because they played the same game against each other early on in their relationship. Next up they had a Jell-O-eating contest as a nod to their penchant for competitively eating while out at restaurants together, followed by a deadlift competition. "No one remembers you slow dancing to an Ed Sheeran song," Ericka told POPSUGAR. "People remember you deadlifting in your wedding dress and diving on the floor to go face deep in a pie pan of colors-that-stain Jell-O."

Feeling a tinge of FOMO from Ericka and Caleb's wedding day? Same here, but luckily we have all the pictures, snapped by photographer Adam Houseman, so we can live vicariously and pretend we were there. Watch their wedding video ahead, then keep reading to admire every single gorgeous snapshot from the unforgettable day.

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Ericka and Caleb's Wedding Video

Ericka and Caleb's Wedding Pictures
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Ericka and Caleb's Wedding Pictures