These Elves on the Shelf Aren't Into Mischief — They're Into FITNESS!

While some are busy eating chocolate Advent calendars, baking batches of sugar cookies, and spelling out words with candy, even elves need to exercise to keep their energy and stamina up! For the fit-minded elf like you, here are some adorable and creative ways to show how your Elf on the Shelf stays fit and strong!

A little golf anyone? You can put wires inside your elf to help him stand and pose!

Elf yoga is a thing!

This elf is getting belayed while climbing.

Deadlifts with cookies and candy canes!

A little HIIT workout? Yes, please!

This runner's lunge feels so good!

Elf has his yoga certification!

Stretching out those tight hips.

Hitting the slopes — er, stairs.

These Elves have quite the yoga practice!

POPSUGAR Photography | Jenny Sugar

A little TRX for this little elf.

Skiing doesn't always end well.

1000 meters on the rower. Go!

This elf's home gym is made of chocolate and marshmallows!

Showing off his medal.

The hat comes off when elves hit the mat.

His stability ball moves are so creative.

Kettlebell swings are tough!

Misty Copeland would be so proud.

POPSUGAR Photography | Jenny Sugar

Pigeon pose feels so good. And is that a Manduka Mat?

Pumping marshmallows is hard work!

Foam rolling tight muscles after a run hurts so good!

This Elf CrossFit box is no joke! Love the glittery rings!

Will you take the pull-up challenge?

Ninja Warrior Elf training.

8, 9, 10!

Staying strong!

Shooting some hoops!

Pilates is the secret to a strong elf core.

No pranks here, just elbow planks!