If Life Doesn't Happen Without Coffee, You'll Relate to These Funny Memes

The smell of coffee in the morning just might be the best way to start your day. Drinking coffee has tons of health benefits, but probably the most important one is making you feel more awesome than you already are. We'll sip to that! If your day is made possible by a daily run to your kitchen or Starbucks for coffee, these memes will speak volumes to you.

Best. poem. ever.

You don't need coffee for that (but it sure helps!).

Pants are important.

Ahh, awareness is a good thing.



Coffee = the key to my heart.

It's what's for lunch!

Coffee is liquid celebration.

What would we do without coffee?

Coffee is the best medicine.

Coffee is a necessity for the success of my social life.

True love.

Safety first.

Both are equally important reasons to drink up.

Those few minutes of sipping in silence are crucial.

Decaf? Why?!

Yep, that'll do it.

Coffee first, always.

It totally counts!

It's not pretty.