Hannah Corbin on Why Peloton's Barre Classes Bring a "New Spicy Vibe" to the Workout

After the way Peloton (and the Peloton app!) revolutionized the indoor cycling world, the brand's barre class unveiling left me with high expectations. As a big barre fan, I needed to know firsthand from Peloton's senior instructor Hannah Corbin if the new rollout would follow in the massive footsteps of the app's cycling success.

Her response: "Basically, forget what you know about barre because we are kicking up the fun and bringing a whole new spicy vibe."

No statement rings truer to Peloton's mission — with that one sentence, I was convinced this barre expansion would be my new obsession. And the more she had to say about the classes, the more sold I became.

"I love creating these classes with one important thing kept in mind: barre should never be boring. Barre is an attitude workout in addition to working out your body, and I love creating a fun and vibrant space to explore new ways to push yourself."

Through small-range movements and isometric holds (done to the beat of the music, of course!), Corbin says Peloton's barre sessions can teach you to work your body in new and exciting ways — and she promises you'll feel the burn.

Even better, Peloton's barre classes are low impact but high energy — through lifting, lowering, and pulsing movements, Corbin is confident you'll end class feeling strengthened, energized, and balanced.

"These small ranges and time spent under tension make these workouts different from any other class you'll find on the Peloton platform," Corbin says.

"All you can really control is whether or not you stop short, which can be insanely challenging when your muscles are shaking in all of the right ways."

If you are new to barre, Corbin suggests starting with her 10-minute Introduction to Barre class, which takes you through basic moves and builds your confidence. Wear whatever makes you feel fabulous, try repeating the classes more than once for improvement, and don't forget to cool down and stretch after each session with the 5-Minute Barre Cooldown class, she adds.

Eventually, Peloton's Barre classes can help you to improve in other workout sessions, too.

"Runners and riders are so used to just going forward. But we are human, and our bodies are meant for so much more."

"To wholly train your muscles, you have to teach your body to be ready to not just go forward, but also sideways and diagonal, to twist and turn on a dime. The dynamism of barre challenges your body by isolating and training small muscles that are often overlooked."

According to Corbin, barre is defined by who runs the class — so, even if you think you know what barre is, you might not know her version yet.

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