7 Low-Space, No-Equipment Barre Workouts to Ignite That Sweet, Sweet Burn in Every Muscle

POPSUGAR Photography | Matthew Kelly
POPSUGAR Photography | Matthew Kelly

It took an injury and a full stop to my normal workout routine to get me on the barre bandwagon, but now that I've completely shifted to at-home fitness, I'm grateful I hopped on when I did. In my apartment, I have almost no workout equipment (RIP to those Amazon dumbbells that never got delivered) and barely enough space for a yoga mat. For barre, that works out perfectly; most online barre workouts require very little space or equipment, and if they do call for weights, they're light enough that I can substitute water bottles or cans of food. The workouts are usually low-impact, so I'm not bothering my downstairs neighbors. And best of all, barre creates that amazing burn in my muscles and gets me sweaty and exhausted, which is the exact distraction I'm craving right now.

Several barre studios are offering free classes and memberships right now, but if you're looking for one or two standalone workouts, keep on reading. We've gathered the seven best YouTube barre workouts we could find to get your muscles aching with a minimum of space, equipment, and time.

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Booty Barre Workout by Alo Moves

This is a no-nonsense glutes class that will get your muscles trembling in just 15 minutes. Instructor Adrienne Kimberley syncs up her moves to the music and provides insight and modifications that make this a solid choice for any level.

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30-Minute No-Equipment Barre Sculpting Workout by ClassFitSugar

This 30-minute barre class is incredibly challenging no matter how often you do it (believe me, I know). Trainer Marnie Alton's positive and inspirational vibes make it not only a great workout but also a stress-relieving breath of fresh air.

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Full Length Total Body Barre Workout by Action Jacquelyn

If you want to work all your full body, this 40-minute barre class is a good place to start. It's longer, which gives you time to embrace the burn in all your muscles, starting with your core and transitioning into legs, glutes, and arms. Make sure you have a wall or a sturdy chair, stool, or couch to help you balance.

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Core-Focused Beginner Barre Class by Alo Moves

This 10-minute, core-centric barre workout starts with a calming stretch session, then gets into an exhausting plank series to engage your full core.

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30-Minute Dance Cardio & Barre Toning Workout by ClassFitSugar

This 30-minute workout combines the burn of barre, the elegant flow of ballet, and the sweat of cardio! It's all about toning your body and increasing your heart rate with moves like jumping lunges, side kicks, and a surprise plank section at the end.

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30-Minute Full Body Barre Workout by Omcore Yoga and Body

This in-studio workout gives you that barre class energy: there's an upbeat playlist, detailed instructions, and exercises that ignite your core, legs, and glutes. A resistance band and light weights are optional.

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10-Minute Flat-Belly Barre Workout by ClassFitSugar

Want to target your abs? Try this lightning-fast, barre-inspired core workout. A quick plank warmup will activate your core, then you'll get creative with a sweat towel (the only equipment you need!) to work your abs and obliques from all angles.