A Look at Bob Harper's Road to Recovery

After surviving a massive heart attack last month, Bob Harper has had to change things up in his regular routine. His path to recovery is just beginning, and it includes changes to his diet (with a surprising sweet treat), backing off from intense exercise (no CrossFit!), and monitoring his vitals closely with doctor supervision. Plus, his recovery companion is super cute — take a look.

Many of You Know That Bob Is on a Road to Recovery

Since his heart attack, he's had to make some big changes.

He's Doing Stress Tests With His Doctors

And Cardiac Rehab

He's Reading About Heart Health

He really is the "best student," as he said he would be!

His Doctors Told Him No Working Out — Just Walking!

So Naturally, He's Been Walking His Dog Karl

Another Major Tweak?

His diet. He's switched to a Mediterranean diet for his heart.

He's Trying Vegan Options

And it looks so good!

But Lots of Fish, Too

Cardiac rehab + Mediterranean diet = path to success.

. . . Lots of Fish

His Recent Obsession? Sumo Citrus!

Seriously, He Can't Get Enough

And He's Taking a Step Back From CrossFit and Intense Exercise

He just judged this year's CrossFit open! We think taking a step back is a great idea — and he's setting a great example for heart attack survivors everywhere.