These 7 Tips For De-Stressing Are So Powerful

POPSUGAR Photography | Benjamin Stone
POPSUGAR Photography | Benjamin Stone

"I can't even remember the last time I was sick," said Jeanette Jenkins. The creator of The Hollywood Trainer Club (and trainer to Pink, Alicia Keys, Tia Mowry, and Amber Rose, to name a few) not only has a degree in human kinetics, but has also become a master at stress management, leading her to be her healthiest, strongest self.

Sickness — and a worn-down immune system — is oftentimes a result of stress. Jeanette told POPSUGAR that if you experience an acidic stomach, acid reflux, or even a canker sore, it's a pretty good indicator your body has hit its stress limit and it's time to "alkalize your body" and bring things back to neutral before your body starts to break down even further. These helpful, practical, and simple tips she shared will help relieve your body from physical stress and get you back to feeling good.

  1. Get sleep. "Clear as much off your schedule as you can, and get eight hours of sleep. It's so important!" she said. Having trouble sleeping? Try some melatonin or prebed meditation.
  2. Do yoga. She noted that in the process of decompressing and de-stressing, yoga plays a major role. Try a yoga sequence for stress to help let go of the anxious feelings.
  3. Do cardio. Jeanette told us that cardio will help bring fresh oxygen to the body, aiding in your reset. Try Jeanette's five-minute bodyweight workout that'll up your heart rate real quick.
  4. Increase water. Hydration is crucial for keeping your body running at its healthiest. Dehydration is so dangerous yet so easy to prevent!
  5. Drink green juices. Jeanette loves green juices and told us they can help rebalance the acidity in your body because they're alkaline. She also loves wellness shots from the juice shop at Whole Foods or Earth Bar at Equinox. Try making your own turmeric ginger shot for an added boost.
  6. Stay away from coffee. "Switch to green tea," she suggested. It's more alkaline, meaning you'll stop contributing to overall acidity. Also, if you're anxious, caffeine can make anxiety worse.
  7. Avoid sugar. This one is tough but crucial. If you're stressed and your body is out of whack, Jeanette emphasized "no sugar." It's scientifically proven that cutting sugar improves health.