Not Sure What to Do With Dumbbells? Try These 10 Strength-Training Workout Videos at Home

You don't need a gym to stay fit if you know where to look. YouTube, for instance, has a library of at-home workout videos at your disposal (here are 10-minute arm workouts, a handful of core-crushing routines, and booty band videos to prove it). Sure, you don't have a trainer to correct your form. Sure, it's up to you to keep yourself accountable, but the pros outweigh the cons if you are someone who's short on time or doesn't have access to a facility. Even if your goal is clocking in a few strength training days per week, YouTube has got you covered.

Ahead, check out workout videos from certified trainers that only require a single set of dumbbells. Some videos are ab-focused, arm-focused, or booty-focused; others are full-body. All are kick-butt! If you're not sure what the best weight is for you, here's a guide on how to choose. These workouts also vary in length (we're all about giving you options), so grab your dumbbells and take your pick!

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10-Minute Arm and Shoulder Workout With Class FitSugar

This workout is led by Class FitSugar host Anna Renderer and features moves like the single-leg Scarecrow, push-up and rotate, triceps kickbacks, and horizontal bicep curls (which involve going into a split lunge, so you feel it in your legs, too). Grab some light- to medium-weight dumbbells and get to it!

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12-Minute Weighted Abs With SugarySixPack

We've featured certified trainer SugarySixPack (first name Niki) on POPSUGAR before. Her YouTube channel is full of great at-home workouts like this 12-minute ab burn where you'll do bike passes, seated leg raises, weighted side plank hip dips, and more!

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22-Minute Full-Body Workout With SugarySixPack

This 22-minute total-body routine from SugarySixPack is formatted into 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for each exercise. Moves include thrusters (or squat overhead press), curtsy with an overhead tricep extension, and alternating reverse lunge and fly. The workout is split into three "pairs" of exercises, which you'll do for three rounds each, with a two-move burnout at the end.

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20-Minute Glute Workout With Nicole Steen

Equinox trainer Nicole Steen leads a weighted glute workout on GymRa's YouTube channel. You'll do lots of lunges, deadlifts, and squat pulses. She also includes a cooldown, so make sure you have room to stretch!

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10-Minute Arm Supersets With Sydney Cummings

Supersets are exercises that you do back to back without stopping. This 10-minute arm workout for your biceps and triceps features supersets like tricep push-ups into a pike and top-half bicep curls, as well as alternating triceps extensions and wide-arm push-ups.

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12-Minute Butt and Leg Workout With Rebecca Louise

Dead lifts, sumo squats (similar to goblet squats), reverse lunge with knee drive, and more make up Rebecca Louise's 12-minute butt and leg workout. She switches over to a lighter kettlebell at minute seven, but you can simply pick up one dumbbell of your choosing instead.

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10-Minute Hasfit Ab Workout

This Hasfit ab workout is great because it also shows you alternative bodyweight moves to do if you aren't feeling the weighted exercises. It also gives you more advanced variations to try if you're up for a challenge. Some of the weighted moves are russian twists, leg raises, and side plank with reach.

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30-Minute Full-Body Workout With Class FitSugar and Ingrid Clay

You'll need a pair of 5- to 15-pound dumbbells for this Class FitSugar workout led by Barry's Bootcamp senior trainer Ingrid S. Clay. Not only will moves like tuck jump burpees and squat jumps build strength, but they'll also get your heart rate going!

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20-Minute Toned Arm and Ab Workout With Class FitSugar

Grab a set of dumbbells between five and 10 pounds, or whichever weight feels comfortable — you can go lighter or heavier. You'll start by doing the standing march with figure eight (it's kind of like the motion your arms make when you're steering a kayak). You'll end with the lateral side bend, holding a single dumbbell up over your head.

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5-Minute Advanced FitnessBlender Weighted Abs

This workout features 50-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off intervals for five different moves. You'll be doing toe touch crunches (what we simply called toe touches in gymnastics), a very intense version of Russian twists where you hold a dumbbell out in front of you, back bows (Superman), jackknife crunches, and rotating side star dips (high side plank hip dips).