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Advice From Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi Shares the 1 Piece of Advice You're Going to Want to Live By

Padma Lakshmi seems like the kind of woman you'd want to take life advice from, you know? The culinary expert, Cherry Bombe cover girl, and author of the memoir Love, Loss, and What We Ate is the definition of poise. She gave a piece of eye-opening advice in a recent interview with BuzzFeed titled 20 Quickfire Questions With Padma Lakshmi. When asked "Best piece of advice you've ever received?," Padma gave this encouraging response.

"'Don't rehearse unhappiness.' We have a tendency to play out the worst-case scenario in our minds as a coping mechanism. But I think it's also important to rehearse happiness, too — and your ideal outcome. It gives us all something positive to focus on and shoot for."

Padma speaks the truth and points to a habit we're all guilty of but rarely aim to avoid. Instead of "hoping for the best but expecting the worse," why not expect the best? With so much negativity in the world that we can't control, we should try to surround the thoughts we can control with positivity instead of negativity. The next time you're envisioning the results of an upcoming event in your life, take it from Padma and don't rehearse unhappiness. Hope for your ideal outcome instead, and it just might follow.

Image Source: Getty / Ben Gabbe
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