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Alton Brown Eat Your Science Tour 2016

Alton Brown Admits Anthony Bourdain Is "Food God," but There's a Catch

"If there ever was a food god, it would be Anthony Bourdain. I accept that," Alton Brown joked in the opening monologue of his Eat Your Science live show in Santa Rosa, CA. If anything bad were to happen to Anthony, though, Alton thinks he could maybe take on the responsibility. After all, Anthony does do a lot of adventurous things and taste a lot of risky foods — to paraphrase what Alton said, he might die, leaving the "food god" position open.

On cue, two of Alton's assistants came on stage and clothed him in his food-god-approved wardrobe, and he proceeded to let the audience in on a few of the food rules he'd enforce in his wildest dreams. To hear the commandments Alton would implement if he were in control of all things food, you'll have to see the show (trust me, it's worth it).


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