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Birthday Cake Flavored Froot Loops

Try Not to Hyperventilate, but Birthday-Cake-Flavored Froot Loops Are Coming!

Nothing screams childhood like a heaping bowl of colorful Froot Loops, and it looks like our go-to rainbow cereal is getting an exciting (and even sweeter!) upgrade. Kellogg's is apparently releasing a birthday cake flavor, and we can hardly keep our sh*t together because this is basically the flavor of our dreams. The crunchy O-shaped cereal bits appear to be pink rather than the usual array of colors, which means one thing and one thing only: pink cereal milk!

This flavor will only be available in Canada to celebrate the country's 150th birthday this Summer — what a bummer! Though Kellogg's hasn't officially confirmed this announcement yet, we may or may not already be planning a Summer road trip to Canada so we can get our hands (and spoons) on this tasty breakfast treat.

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