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Birthday Cake Peanut Butter From The Peanut Principle

Everybody Stay Calm — Birthday Cake Peanut Butter Exists, and Oh My GOSH

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More peanut buttery goodness from @peanutprinciple! They sent me their Piece of Cake (cake batter peanut butter) and Mint Condition (chocolate mint cookie peanut butter) as a thank you for some recent coverage I provided. Just to clarify for skeptics: I’ve been ordering and praising their products for years with my own money simply as a fan, not as a food blogger or influencer or whatever. They’re consistently high-quality, and I do these posts not for handouts but to bring to your attention a small business that’s killing it: —— Piece of Cake: Definitely worth your money, just not the knockout that was the Fruity Pebbles peanut butter. It used vanillin, sprinkles, and confectioner’s glaze to really sweeten the deal and make this cake-y while still tasting of peanut butter and not just frosting. Accessible for anyone. —— Mint Condition: Dark chocolate, chocolate cookies, and peppermint candy combine to make a really tasty Thin Mint spread, though it definitely only appeals to a consumers specifically in love with chocolate mint stuff. Probably not for everyone, but sure works for me. —— The cereal flavors are still available, so here’s your reminder to order the Fruity Pebbles one before it’s gone. Included as Photo 3.

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Unless you have superhuman willpower that I'll never understand, you've probably found yourself digging into a jar of peanut butter with a spoon — and you've definitely enjoyed a bite or three of cake batter. Well, I hope you're seated, folks, because with birthday cake peanut butter (REPEAT: Birthday! Cake! Peanut! Butter!), you can combine both of those magical experiences into one.

Spotted via Instagram snack blogger Junk Banter, The Peanut Butter Principle's Piece of Cake flavor is "cake-y while still tasting of peanut butter and not just frosting." The peanut butter is available for $8, and it combines peanuts, vanilla flavor, salt, and sprinkles for that perfect sweet-and-salty mix.

If the product looks familiar, that's probably because you've already drooled over the brand's cereal-inspired flavors. Tempted to add all of the above to your cart? Yep, us too.

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