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Blueberry Cheerios

Cheerios Just Released a New Blueberry Flavor For Spring, and, Heck Yes, It's Permanent!

There's no reason to mess with a perfect classic like Cheerios, but a slight enhancement with a fruity twist is always welcome. That's why General Mills is introducing Blueberry Cheerios as a brand new flavor for Spring, and it's not a limited-time offering — it's here to stay. The cereal hits shelves at major retailers nationwide beginning the week of April 9, so just look out for the bright blue, eye-catching box ($4 for 11 ounces; $5 for 20 ounces). A press release describes Blueberry Cheerios as "inspired by the fresh taste of blueberry" and "made with a real blueberry puree and natural flavors, with no artificial flavors or colors," and they're gluten-free just like the original. If you love the idea of swapping fresh blueberries for a crunchy, whole-grain cereal version in the morning, these just might replace your stock of Honey Nut.

Image Source: General Mills
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