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Boozy Spirulina Smoothie

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We've partnered with Three Olives Vodka to take your go-to green smoothie to the next level.

Green-smoothie-lovers, prepare yourselves, because your favorite post-workout snack just got a boozy upgrade. With the help of Three Olives Cucumber Lime Vodka and a few dashes of spirulina, a natural algae powder, this ombré beauty is totally #brunchgoals. Read on to see how to make it for yourself.

Boozy Green Ombré Smoothie

Original Recipe

Boozy Spirulina Smoothie


  1. 2 oz. Three Olives Cucumber Lime Vodka
    1 1/2 frozen bananas
    1/4 cup frozen pineapple
    1/4 cup coconut yogurt
    1 tbsp coconut milk
    1 teaspoon spirulina
  1. For Toppings:
    Dragon fruit, kiwi, coconut flakes, edible flowers, and white chia seeds


  1. In a food processor, combine Three Olives Cucumber Lime Vodka, frozen bananas, frozen pineapple, coconut yogurt, coconut milk, and 1/4 teaspoon spirulina. Blend until fully combined.
  2. After well-blended, scoop approximately 1/2 cup of the mixture into a separate bowl and set in the freezer for later.
  3. Add another 1/4 teaspoon spirulina to darken the mixture, blend, and set another 1/2 cup of the mixture in the freezer.
  4. Repeat step three two additional times, until you're left with four shades of green.
  5. From dark to light (or light to dark, your pick!), layer each part of the mixture in a clear glass.
  6. Top with kiwi, dragon fruit, coconut flakes, white chia seeds, and edible flowers.

Option: If you'd rather enjoy this recipe as a smoothie bowl, add the full teaspoon of spirulina in the food processor when mixing, transfer to a bowl, garnish, and enjoy!