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Coffee and Cookie Pairings

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We partnered with OREO Thins for this post that will give your next afternoon coffee break a bit of a flavor lift.

The vibrant scent of freshly brewed coffee can totally turn a sluggish afternoon around. Making the time to sit and sip lets you take a breath before diving into the second half of your day. Turn your next afternoon coffee break into a special moment and pair your cup of joe with something other than your traditional biscotti or muffin. Here are a few flavor combinations to try:

  • Vanilla + French Roast: Swap out whatever you usually have, especially if it's a plain biscotti, with Golden OREO Thins cookies. The cookies add a touch of vanilla flavor to your strong french roast and the creme-filled center is exactly what you need to cut the dark flavor.
  • Chocolate + Cappuccino: If you prefer a steamy cappuccino topped with thick, stiff foam, try pairing with Chocolate OREO Thins cookies. Chocolate and coffee go hand in hand, and opting for a cookie instead of a bag of chips is a sweet swap.
  • Mint + Café au Lait: This traditional drink gets a lift with Mint OREO Thins cookies. The creamy coffee and mint mix in such a dreamy way. And mint lifts your taste buds, leaving you feeling so fresh in the afternoon.

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Image Source: POPSUGAR Studios
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