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Dipping Pizza in Milk

People Are Dipping Pizza in Milk, and We Have SO Many Effing Questions

Pizza-lovers, we may have just discovered something even more controversial than the never-ending pineapple topping debate. It looks like foodies everywhere have started dunking their cheesy slices into a glass of milk before taking a bite. Yes, you read that correctly. People are straight up dipping their pizza in milk, and they're using social media to spread the word about the strange eating habit.

Though some Twitter users somehow seem incredibly into the pizza-milk combo, others are on the same page as us — as in, the only thing that possibly comes to mind is "WTF?"

After recovering from the wave of shock (and nausea) I experienced the first time I saw evidence of this apparent food-consumption trend, a flood of questions entered my brain. I have listed them below, and I'm demanding the answers ASAP.

  1. Doesn't this make your slice of 'za get cold? I mean, I know there's a cult of cold-pizza devotees out there, but this seems like a very unwelcome form of temperature change.
  2. Who was the first person to try this out?
  3. Exactly what was going through their head when they first thought to pair their pizza with milk? (Read: Exactly how many drugs were they on at that moment?)
  4. What on earth is the benefit of this? Is it possible that it actually tastes somewhat decent?
  5. Doesn't it make the crust get all soggy? There's nothing worse than soggy crust, am I right?
  6. For the people who commit this nefarious sin against pizza: is ranch dressing just not good enough for you?
  7. And is it best dunked with whole, skim, or almond milk? Or, dare I say it, half and half?
  8. If we tried dipping pineapple pizza in milk, would it cancel out the vileness and taste edible?
  9. Lastly, how could you betray pizza like this?!

All jokes aside, we're genuinely curious: would you try this crazy-strange eating habit? Take the poll below to let us know!

Will you be dunking your 'za in a glass of milk anytime soon?
Heck yes, I'm so down to try this!
No way; makes me sick to my stomach.
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