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Do You Eat the Seeds of Pomegranates?

Until recently, I assumed that everyone ate pomegranate arils whole, crunchy inner seed and all. As I learned, some folks prefer to spit the seeds out as one might do with watermelons. I doubt I'll change my ways, but I'm curious, do you eat pomegranate seeds?

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Andrea14761271 Andrea14761271 3 years
Wow are u in California ? I just ate one 4 the first time, got it at a grocery, I wanted 2 get into it as soon as I could since I just paid 2.99 and cut it across with a plastic knife , the way I did with my passion fruit. I did not even think about the outer flesh, it broke apart into sections easy so I coud eat the little red seeds,they are the shape of popcorn seeds. Real sweet and just like cranberry but no bitter flavor, and I have not eaten a cranberry but am familiar with the juice which is heaviy advertised. What made me laugh is reading about the peel being eaten, I ate a bite but it was so bitter I threw it away and finished the red seeds.
sgnivas sgnivas 5 years
I read this article yesterday. I never thought about eating the Today for the first time in my life...... I am eating the seeds... Not bad Thank you guys for your comments, I am now a 'seed eater' :)
fashionstar fashionstar 6 years
I'm super late to this convo lol but my mom taught me to spit out the seeds, earlier this year i took a chance and ate the whole thing. It saves time and i guess the fiber in it is more satisfying.
Wow I never even thought of eating the whole seed. :) Now that I know you can, I will!
milosmommy milosmommy 8 years
I didn't know it was done any other way besides eating the whole juicy thing. Spitting out the seed? Why it's so tiny who would even notice.
DesignRchic DesignRchic 8 years
My momma told me that if I eat the seeds, a tree would grow in my belly.
drea-nicole drea-nicole 8 years
I seriously want a pomegranate now! Yummy seeds and all.
kia kia 8 years
I did for the first time this weekend. Not bad.
danielle854 danielle854 8 years
I thought the whole thing was the seed, so when I originally saw this, I just was like so you're biting into like an apple? Then I thought more about it and realized you're sucking the juice off the little seed and spitting it out. Wow! Ultimately I think that just goes to show, I couldn't imagine eating a pomegrante without eating the "seed" with it!
verily verily 8 years
They're itty bitty tiny seeds. Hardly worth the effort to spit out and I kinda like the crunch after having juice explode in my mouth.
jenniewk jenniewk 8 years
oh i eat the fact, sometimes i just buy containers of the things @ my market! love they way they burst in your mouth. yummy.
czadd czadd 8 years
I must say it never occurred to me that I could spit them out. They are so small and delicious.
ayyeung18 ayyeung18 8 years
Funny, I never thought about spitting out the seeds; I've always eaten all of it. I thought it was part of the package!
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
I thought the whole thing was the seed, the pulp included. . . lol. I eat it all :) I love the way some crack in my mouth.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
I spit 'em out!
suziryder suziryder 8 years
Yes I eat them. I actually never considered spitting them out. I love pomegranates! I had my first one in the last year, I think. My fiance hates the seeds (they hurt his teeth) but likes the juicy pulp around the seed - I should tell him to just spit out the seeds so we can get more pomegranates!
bellaressa bellaressa 8 years
Side note: Bella, I am loving the new outfit.
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