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Foodie Checklist

How Much of a Foodie Are You?

You have your food-lovers, and then you have the people whose lives are basically devoted to the consumption and creation of every type of dish known to mankind. Take this test to find out if you simply love to eat or if you're a full-blown foodie.

Sources: Instagram users topwithcinnamon, lindseymaitland, joythebaker, andrewoknowlton, and tifforelie

  1. You start planning your next meal during your current meal.
  2. Half, if not most, of your paycheck goes toward food.
  3. Your Instagram account is littered with stuff you've eaten.
  4. Farmers market day is your favorite day of the week.
  5. You know when new restaurants open . . . halfway around the world.
  6. You're on a first-name basis with your butcher.
  7. You're kind of obsessed with uni.
  8. You're part of a CSA.
  9. You’ve traveled far and wide to taste the latest trending foods and restaurants.
  10. You've waited in line for a Cronut.
  11. You cringe when people ask what the difference between cilantro and coriander is.
  12. You have a stack of cookbooks on your bedside table.
  13. Watching cooking shows is how you unwind.
  14. You have a go-to dessert wine.
  15. You frequent trendy restaurants that don't have signs out front.
  16. You order omakase almost exclusively at sushi restaurants.
  17. You own a Chemex.
  18. You order for everyone else when you go out to eat with friends and family.
  19. Loose-leaf tea or bust.
  20. You know the difference between a highball and a collins glass.
  21. Your travel plans revolve more around your restaurant reservations than sightseeing.
  22. You don't follow friends on Twitter, only chefs.
  23. When picnicking, you bring proper (plastic) stemware for the wines.
  24. You have a favorite restaurant in every major city across the globe.
  25. "We’ll take one of everything” is a common phrase you say.
  26. You brave foreign street food when abroad without blinking an eye.
  27. You have a running list of new recipes that never shrinks.
  28. You're not bothered by waiting in a line for hours to try the newest food.
  29. At restaurants, you creep on other people's tables to see what they ordered.
  30. You correct waiters in your head.
  31. You correct waiters out loud.
  32. You feel it's your duty to follow every new food truck in your city.
  33. You have cried tears of joy when trying a new dish, pastry, or drink.
  34. Your can't be friends with someone unless you have an instant food bond.
  35. You've been called a food snob. More than once.
  36. You're never entirely satisfied. There’s always more food to eat!
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