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Frozen Pizzas Spill After Tractor Accident

Tractor Accident Has Left a Highway Covered in Frozen Pizzas, and We're Hangry

In an unfortunate series of events, a tractor accident has left thousands of frozen pizzas covering a highway in Arkansas. While thankfully no humans were injured in the accident, it's a true tragedy for all frozen pizza-lovers out there. On Aug. 9, a truck carrying 1,000 Tombstone and DiGiorno frozen pizzas was driving on I-30, when it crashed into an overpass, splitting the cabin of the truck, leaving an insane number of pizzas in the middle of the road.

We never thought we'd see the day when frozen pizzas were causing traffic delays, but we were so wrong. A local reporter took to Twitter to deliver updates on the situation, and unfortunately, no one was having pizza for dinner that night. She reported that the precious 'zas were covered in diesel fluid and needed a serious cleanup crew on the interstate.

Check out some of the tweets from the accident scene, and then, check out six of the best frozen pizzas in honor of all the precious pizzas lost.

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