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Girl Gives Brother Book of Recipes You Can't Mess Up

This Book of "Recipes You Absolutely Can't F*ck Up" Will Make You Cry Laughing

Recipe book I made my kitchen challenged older brother

It's a fact that not everyone is blessed with cooking skills and meant for complicated kitchen projects. One Imgur user by the name of tacopartyinyourmouth has a brother named Warren, who she calls "jerk face," so she did what any loving sister would do. She created a recipe book entitled Recipes You Absolutely Can't F*ck Up by "the best g*ddamned sister in the whole mother f*cking world." You won't find French macarons or Gordon Ramsay's beef wellington in this digital cookbook, but what you will find is "chicken soup so simple a caveman can do it" and "shepherd's pie that we all know will be eaten in one sitting."

Along with simple recipes with extremely thorough step-by-step instructions, the sister equipped her brother with practical kitchen advice, such as, "The most important thing to remember is that cooking is an art. Go wild and enjoy yourself; just don't burn the house down in the process." She even created a Google Doc with all the recipes so that others can benefit from her generosity, too. Take a look at the whole doc for yourself, and you just might find dinner inspiration while crying tears of laughter.

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