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Hosting a Blind Wine Tasting

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You don't need to be a master sommelier to host a successful wine party. That's why we partnered with Riunite Wines for this post.

Turn your next girl party into a unique experience that lets you explore different types of wine. A blind tasting is such a delicious way to sip and sample varieties you might not usually buy, while pairing different flavor combinations. The trick is keeping the wines completely anonymous, which makes it fun for everyone. Here are a few tips for pulling off a blind tasting like a pro:

  1. Choose the wine: You want to start with the basics, so pick up classic reds like a Pinot Noir, Malbec, Merlot, and Syrah. For whites, go with Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Pinot Grigio. You can solely focus on just reds or whites or wines made with only one type of grape, called varietals, like Lambrusco. What's so great is you can change it up or personalize the theme whatever way you like.
  2. Invite your friends: After you've picked your theme, invite your friends — and a bottle of wine. Once guests arrive, welcome them with open arms, then quickly separate them from that bottle they're clutching. Encourage guests to keep their addition to the blind-tasting party a secret, which levels the playing field.
  3. Use wine bags: Cover every bottle using a cute wine bag, or simply wrap them in tinfoil so all labeling, even anything along the neck, is completely covered. Create a numerical master list, then tag the bottles with a number, so you can reveal the results later. Some wine aficionados may be able to determine the type of wine simply by looking at the bottle shape, so you can also disguise them in small paper bags.
  4. Set the scene: Get out all your wineglasses, so guests have a variety to choose from. But no one will know (or probably care) if everyone gets a designated glass to reuse throughout the night. You can introduce each wine, then pour for your guests or place all the bottles out and let everyone have at it.
  5. Pair with snacks: Part of what brings the flavor out of a wine is pairing it with a little nibble. Since you're going in blind, having a few different options available makes it fun. A pretty cheese plate is always a win, stuffed mushrooms are so classic, or make these delicious little fig and cheese bites.
  6. Make scorecards: You can go all out and create graphic scorecards or simply pass around clipboards with paper and pens. Your friends can guess the type of wine and take notes about what they're sipping.
  7. Reveal the bottles: Once the wine is gone, remove the wine-bottle covers and see who had the most correct guesses. Offer the winner a lovely prize (a bottle of wine?), and then plan the theme for your next party.

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