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How to Open a Bottle of Wine With a Blowtorch

10 Unconventional Ways to Open a Bottle of Wine, Including a Blowtorch

Our partner Foodbeast shares breaking food news, trendsetting recipes, and more with us. Today, Elie Ayrouth shows us 10 ways to get your wine on without a bottle opener.

You're out glamping, or at the worst party thrown by the worst, most ill-prepared host ever, and there is not a single corkscrew to be found. Rather than give up on your beloved Cab and buy a six pack, though (you're classier than that), why not MacGyver that sonofab*tch with a hammer and nails? Or a towel and a wall? Or a blowtorch?

Because useful information is useful, we compiled a list of 10 unconventional ways to open a wine bottle, perfect for the moment you first move into an apartment and realize you left all your useful stuff at your parent's house. If you need this list at any other time, let's just say you should probably just put the wine bottle down. #MakeGoodLifeChoices

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